Hurricane Sandy’s heavy rains and winds may have subsided, but coastal flooding is still a concern for parts of the District, Maryland and northern Virginia.

There was flooding reported in Old Town Alexandria and the Washington Channel Tuesday evening, and residents of flood-prone areas are being advised to expect flooding during high tide on Wednesday.

Capital Weather Gang’s Matt Ross took this shot of flooding in Old Town Alexandria Tuesday evening. “Flooding has gotten really bad,” he reported. “Streets shut down. Water halfway up King Street between Union and Lee.” (Matt Ross/The Washington Post)

High tides on Wednesday will be around 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. in the Washington area.

The National Weather Service reports that high tides will be about two to three feet above normal due to rainwater from Hurricane Sandy flowing down the Potomac River as well as in Rock Creek and the Anacostia River.

A coastal flood warning is in effect through Friday for the Potomac shoreline.

These are some of the areas where moderate tidal flooding still poses a hazard:Old Town Alexandria, Huntington, the Washington Channel near the Southwest Waterfront, the Georgetown Waterfront, Falls Church, and Arlington, Fairfax and Prince George’s counties.

Police and local officials remind residents to follow flood safety tips across the region:

— Never drive or wade through standing water — turn around, don’t drown.

— If you encounter a traffic light without power, you must treat the intersection as a four-way stop.

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