The eaglets were 1 week old in this picture. (Courtesy of the Norfolk Botanical Garden)

Virginia wildlife officials are concerned that the father of the 5-week-old chicks won’t be able to provide them with enough food. The birds, which nest at the Norfolk Botanical Garden, have gained a worldwide following through a local TV station’s “Eagle Cam.”

“Without intervention, it is all but certain that one or more of these eaglets would not survive the next three months,” said state biologist Stephen Living. “These birds are already old enough to know they are eagles and to recognize their siblings.”

The eaglets will be taken to the Virginia Wildlife Center in Waynesboro, where the bird’s will be placed in an artificial nest inside a 200-foot eagle flight cage. The eaglets will learn to fly there and will eventually be allowed to interact with other eagles. Officials hope to release the birds into the wild this summer.