Nine people have been arrested and a handful of students suffered injuries after separate food fights at two local high schools spiraled out of control, officials and police said. Some students may face criminal charges in connection with a massive food fight at West Springfield High School Wednesday that left several teens with minor injures, according to a letter from the school to parents posted on Patch.com.

Principal Paul A. Wardinski has suspended all senior activities, including the prom and a trip to Hershey Park, as school officials investigate the incident, the letter said.

Seniors started the food fight during lunch in the cafeteria, but it escalated into a free-for-all involving students from all grade levels, according to the letter. During the fight, someone pulled a fire alarm.

“This is a very serious matter and senior pranks will not be tolerated in our building,” Wardinski wrote.

The school said it is taking disciplinary action against all of the students involved in the food fight.

In the second incident, eight students and a parent were arrested Wednesday at Henry Wise High School in Upper Marlboro after a food fight that escalated into a real fight, said Sgt. Yakeisha Hines, a spokeswoman for the Prince George’s County sheriff’s office.

“It was a school prank that went wrong,” Hines said.

All involved have been charged with second degree assault, disorderly conduct and disruption of a school, Hines said. Sheriffs were called to the school around 3:20 p.m.