Authorities said they have reopened Key Bridge, which was sporadically closed Friday evening after an unconscious man was found on a nearby path.

District officials said traffic remained heavy and pedestrians were not permitted to cross.

Authorities said they are investigating whether one man jumped. They also said a law enforcement officer responding to the scene may have suffered a medical emergency.

D.C. police and U.S. Park Police were called to a path near the 34th Street and the Canal at about 5 p.m. where the man was found about 5 p.m., officials said.  The man was in critical condition and rescuers were performing CPR, police said.

Authorities sporadically shut down the bridge as they responded to the incident, and said they were considering landing a medevac helicopter .

Officials warned drivers to avoid the area and were consulting Virginia authorities to help with traffic flow, but delays were expected.

This post will be updated as further details become available.