The District of Columbia would have no trash collection for at least three days, and the city’s libraries and Department of Motor Vehicles offices would close unless Congress provides the federal funding needed for those operations before Friday, according to senior Obama administration officials familiar with plans for a federal government shutdown.

Trash collection would not start again until one week after the shut down, and street sweeping would be suspended.

According to city officials, a federal government funding lapse would lead to the closure of the departments of Motor Vehicles, Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, Public Works and Transportation as well as public libraries.

Schools will remain open. Police, fire and emergency services personnel will remain on duty.

The Department of Health and Human Services will be impacted, though some agencies handling assistance, like Medicaid and food stamps, will be be operating.

The city’s proposed budget for 2012 is about $9.6 billion, which includes $2.6 billion in federal funds.

New: DC Water announced that although it will continue to operate its emergency center and customer service department, the walk-in center at 810 first Street NE will close, as will its billing, collections and meter operations. Customers should not use the drop-off box at the walk-in center to pay their bills; TD Bank and Adams National Bank will continue to accept payments.