Former New York deputy mayor Stephen Goldsmith was arrested in late July in the District for domestic violence in a dispute with his wife in their Georgetown townhouse.

According to an Associated Press report, D.C. police said that Goldsmith, 64, shoved his wife, Margaret, 59, into a kitchen counter after she told him she “should have put a bullet through” him “years ago.”

The D.C. police report says that when his wife threatened to call police, Goldsmith threw the phone hard enough to break it and grabbed her. She escaped and called police from another room.

The arrest and his two days in the D.C. jail were first reported by the New York Post, which revealed that Goldsmith resigned as one of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s top aides days after his arrest. The New York Post said prosecutors declined to press the case after Goldsmith’s wife decided not to press charges, but Bloomberg and his administration are coming under fire for failing to disclose the incident when Goldsmith resigned.

At the time, the New York mayor’s office said Goldsmith was leaving for “private-sector opportunities,” according to a statement.

Goldsmith, a former Indianapolis mayor, was board chairman of the now-defunct Anacostia Waterfront Corp., an independent development arm for the District, under then-Mayor Anthony A. Williams.

As chief of operations for the Bloomberg administration, Goldsmith, 64, was criticized for the city’s response to last year’s snowstorm.