Record high temperatures and heavy electrical demand in the Washington region on Tuesday led to a call for selected customers to reduce power usage. Meanwhile, several thousand District residents were without electricty.

Pepco reported one outage in the downtown area that affected about 1,500 customers near First Street NE, and a second outage between Kenilworth Avenue and the Anacostia River in Northeast Washington.

Restoring power in the Kenilworth Avenue area was apparently complicated by the heat, said Pepco spokesman Clay Anderson. He said heat made it more difficult to route power around the affected circuit.

It was not immediately clear when power would be restored in either blackout.

Elsewhere, the University of Maryland called on the campus to cut electrical demand for a six- to eight-hour period.

In a notice to the campus community, the university said the regional electric grid operator, known as PJM, “has called an emergency event” under which certain electricity users were asked to reduce demand.

A spokeswoman for PJM said that the call was “more a precautionary” measure, taken to make certain that demand would not exceed supply on a hot and humid day.

Certain customers have contracted to curtail use when requested, and the university said it was one of those customers.

Despite the weather, no voltage reductions were imposed Monday on the power generating network, and the system’s balance between demand and supply “wasn’t extremely tight,” the PJM spokeswoman said.

It was hot, however, and high temperature records were set or equalled around much of the region, from Blacksburg to Baltimore.

At Reagan National Airport, the day’s high was 98 degrees, one degree short of the record for the last day in May.

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