(Courtesy of Unsuck D.C. Metro.)

The watchdog Web site Unsuck D.C. Metro said it obtained the photos from readers.

A man identified as “Collin K” said he snapped the photo above at the Columbia Heights Metro station about 12:15 a.m. Saturday, according to Unsuck D.C. Metro. A Twitter user snapped the photo below at the Ballston-MU station but did not say when it was taken.

(Courtesy of Unsuck D.C. Metro.)

“Obviously sleeping on the job is unacceptable and we are pursuing the matter,” said Dan Stessel, a Metro spokesman.

Stessel said Metro officials have reached out to the photographers to get more information about the incidents. They will be interviewing one of the photographers today.

The station managers will remain on the job during the investigation, Stessel said.