An automobile was taken at gunpoint in Northeast Washington on Saturday night and recovered by officers within 15 minutes with the aid of high-tech equipment, D.C. police said.

Commander Andrew Solberg, head of the 5th police district, said an automated license plate reader in an officer’s car helped police spot the late-model Cadillac taken in the carjacking.

Police said the vehicle was taken at gunpoint by two men about 8 p.m. in the 3100 block of Rhode Island Avenue NE, near the boundary between the District and Prince George’s County.

The license plate reader alerted an officer who was in a car, and other officers were then alerted, police said. The car was spotted in traffic in the 200 block of Florida Avenue NE, near the intersection with New York Avenue, a major Washington intersection.

Police said they stopped it, took two people into custody and seized a handgun.