A Prince William County food bank will be able to reopen earlier than expected after receiving a flood of food and cash donations.

Action in Community Through Service’s (ACTS) food bank, located in Dumfries, Va., was forced to temporarily shut its doors Monday afternoon after shelves ran dry due to an increased demand and lack of donations. But after word started to get out about the food bank’s woes, money and food came pouring in, said Rebekah McGee, ACTS emergency assistance program director. The food bank will reopen Tuesday at 1 p.m. instead of the previously estimated date of Nov. 1.

McGee called the outpouring “incredible.” She said ACTS received $55,000 since word started to get out Tuesday, and yet-to-be-tallied pounds of food donations from community members in Prince William, Northern Virginia and nationwide.

McGee said she saw first-time donors — as well as those who have been on food assistance before and are now in a position to be able to help.

“This was an awful thing to have happened, but it’s really created an opportunity for us to educate the public about the true hunger need in this community,” McGee said.

The food bank serves approximately 4,000 people per month with a weekly ration of goods. It was the first time ACTS’s food pantry had to shut down for an extended period, and McGee said she hopes that donations continue to keep pace with a growing need.

This post has been corrected; Rebekah McGee’s name was spelled incorrectly.