(Rene Comet)

The massive food fight at West Springfield High School last week involved more than 100 students and sent several times that number running for the cafeteria exits in a “mass exodus,” according to a letter to school parents written by Principal Paul A. Wardinski.

However, West Springfield will not cancel its prom and other senior events as a punishment, provided that students involved in the food fight take part in a community service day. Wardinski had put the prom on hold following the food fight. Some of the worst offenders will still be barred from the dance and other senior activities as punishment, he said.

Wardinski called the food fight “dangerous” in his letter to parents and described a scene of chaos during last Wednesday’s C-period lunch.

“It was ‘raining food’ from one end of the cafeteria to the other,” Wardinski wrote.

More than 600 students charged out of the cafeteria and many of them tripped, slipped and fell. During the fight, a student pulled a fire alarm, which “contributed to the chaos and anxiety,” the letter said. Special needs students were traumatized.

West Springfield will hold the community service day on June 4, at the high school. The school is expecting anyone who threw food or watched the fight to participate, according to the letter. Those who can not attend that day can make amends by volunteering for homeless organizations or running in a charity race.

“Not only was this incident extremely wasteful of food, but the food fight and its aftermath cost custodians extra time and labor, blemished our image in the community, and disappointed many of us in each other,” Wardinski wrote.