After the stormy weekend, the new school year is getting under way Monday in Loudoun County, Frederick County (Md.) and most of Montgomery County.

An estimated 147,000 students in Montgomery will be starting the school year with a new superintendent. Joshua P. Starr, recruited from Stamford, Conn., is the first new leader in 12 years.

His first order of business: Get to know the school system. Starr said he plans to visit four or five schools every day for the next week.

But 23 of the county’s 200 schools still had no power as of Sunday night. Officials planned to monitor the affected schools overnight and send families a recorded telephone update in the morning. The remaining schools are opening as planned.

Howard and Charles county schools also are closed Monday, on what was supposed to be the first day of the school year, because of widespread power outages and poor road conditions following Hurricane Irene.

In Howard, 27 out of 72 schools were without power Sunday night, and work crews needed more time to clear debris and downed trees from roads and sidewalks, said schools spokeswoman Patti Caplan.

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