Johnny Karlinchak, the 8-year-old Springfield kid who set up lemonade stands to help his neighbors rebuild their home after it was damaged in the recent storm, has reached his goal.

With some perserverence, he raised the $500 deductible for the Myers family fund.

View Photo Gallery: When the recent fierce derecho storm nearly destroyed his neighbors’ house, a Springfield boy, no stranger to tragedy, set out to do what he could.

After his story ran in the The Washington Post on Sunday, people knocked on his door and called in pledges. When he and his family ate at a restaurant that night, the owners saw his story — Johnny is no stranger to tragedy — and donated $45 on the spot, bringing his total to $500.

“He said ‘Oh my gosh! We did it!,” said his mother, Donna Karlinchak.

She said the experience has been surreal and a bit overwhelming for the family, who lost a child in a car crash four years ago.

“We had an outpouring of calls and emails,” Karlinchak said. “People were coming by the house dropping off money.”

Still, they held another lemonade stand Monday evening and made $214 more to help the Myers family. Johnny especially wanted to help the Myers’ dog Indi, who lost her bed in the storm.