A Maryland judge has decided to dismiss a lawsuit aimed at stopping tax money from going to build a music club in Silver Spring, according to court documents yet to be officially filed, the Gazette reports.

In a suit filed last year, It's My Party Inc. of Bethesda, also known as IMP Inc., a rival of Live Nation, the company chosen to operate the club, argued that state officials would be breaking the law by giving Montgomery County $4 million to help build the club because Montgomery officials had provided only "skimpy" information about the project's costs, despite requirements by the General Assembly for more information. Montgomery officials are also slated to give $4 million to the project.

According to an undated opinion and order received by the Gazette, Judge Steven I. Platt recently determined the doctrine of separation of powers precludes the court from reviewing or interfering with the lawmakers' decision. Platt rejected IMP's argument that it has standing to sue as a competitor because of the advantage Live Nation might gain as a result of the deal.

IMP spokeswoman Audrey Schaefer said IMP has not decided whether to ask the judge to reconsider.

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