A 14-year-old boy’s hand was trapped in a Metro station escalator Tuesday night inside the Smithsonian rail station, transit officials said.

The boy, a Canadian tourist who was visting the Mall with his family, entered the station from the National Mall entrance about 8 p.m. and rode down the escalator, said Caroline Lukas, a spokeswoman. One of the boy’s flip-flops jammed into the comb at the bottom of the escalator and he reached down to retrieve it, but his hand caught between the comb and a step.

The escalator was immediately shut down, Lukas said. Transit police and D.C. fire officials worked for 30 minutes to free the boy.

He remained conscious and alert and was taken to a hospital with injuries that were not believed to be life threatening, Lukas said. Officials were not clear on how seriously his hand was injured.

The escalator will remain out of service until officials complete an investigation of the incident.