Representatives of the authority that oversees the Washington region’s main

airports were questioned Thursday during a hearing called by Virginia


Virginia Del. Joe May, who chairs the House transportation committee,

held the hearing to examine the governance and operations of the

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. MWAA staff and board

member Thomas M. Davis III fielded questions.

May said the committee was concerned about vacancies on the board and

that it held too many closed-door meetings.

He said a full board is needed to make high-level decisions, including

the search for a new executive and the management of the Metrorail

extension to Dulles International Airport.

“If you’re down by three, that’s sort of counterproductive,” May said.

May said he was disappointed with the board’s inability to reach a

consensus in choosing a new chief executive and that there needed to

be a better screening process.

He plans to meet with some of its members in May for an update. He

said the hearing a “good first step. We asked some very hard


--Kafia A. Hosh