The most impressive thing about all the attention college recruiters have shown in Good Counsel’s players?

More than half of the 15 players already holding scholarship offers are rising juniors or rising sophomores.

Leading the list is cornerback Kendall Fuller, a 6-foot, 178-pound rising junior with 10 offers, including Virginia Tech, Florida, Florida State, Ohio State, North Carolina State and Michigan State. His oldest brother, Vincent, played at Virginia Tech and has played six seasons with the NFL’s Tennessee Titans. Older brothers Kyle and Corey currently play for Virginia Tech.

“He’ll probably end up with his brothers at Virginia Tech, but he wants to look around and he’s an independent guy,” Good Counsel Coach Bob Milloy said. “He might want to go somewhere else because his brothers went to Virginia Tech.”

Fuller is part of a star-studded defensive backfield that includes classmates Stefon Colbert and Kirk Garner. Colbert’s scholarship offers include Virginia Tech and Auburn. Garner’s include Cincinnati, North Carolina State, Purdue and Navy. Running back Dorian O’Daniel holds close to 10 scholarship offers and linebacker Reggie McGree has been offered by North Carolina State, according to Good Counsel assistant coach Kevin McFadden.

Among rising sophomores, lineman Sam Mustipher, who started a few games last season, holds offers from Ohio State, Illinois and North Carolina State. His father played at West Virginia. Defensive back Kobe Walker has been offered by North Carolina State, as has lineman Sam Madaras, who also holds offers from Ohio and Eastern Kentucky.