Good Counsel running back Wes Brown (John McDonnell/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Looking at those schools, Dancel said:

Vanderbilt: “When [James] Franklin was at Maryland, he developed a relationship with Wes then. When he went to Vanderbilt, he kept recruiting him.”

Michigan: “He loves Michigan. Blake Countess is out there. [Curt] Mallory is the recruiting coach in this area. Brady Hoke is a great coach. It’s very family-oriented.”

South Carolina: “It’s the SEC appeal. It’s the offense that they’re running. Wes feels he can do well there. They have Marcus Lattimore. I don’t think he has as strong a relationship with their coaches as some of the other guys.”

Colorado: “He loves the coaches. He has a strong relationship with [Jon] Embree and [Eric] Bieniemy and have a bunch of NFL guys on the coaching staff there.”

Virginia Tech: “They’re looking for a back like Wes. They don’t have a big back like him. They run a pro-style offense, run the ball a lot and always are competing for the ACC. The coaching staff, there’s a lot of stability there and have been successful. They’ll be around as long as they want to be around. And he knows the Fullers.”

Dancel said that he and Brown have a chart to measure the schools he is considering. Among the factors that Brown is weighing: His relationship with coaches and the stability of the program, the ability to play early in his career and the climate, with a preference for warmer weather, Dancel said.