The ‘DC3’: DeJon Wilson, Kenneth Crawley, John Walker. (Courtesy of John Walker)

In November, 2010 All-Met defensive end DeJon Wilson, a former Kansas recruit, became the first Warrior to commit to the Buffaloes. Then came senior defensive back John Walker in mid-December. And when Crawley announced his decision to attend Colorado last week, the three players began publicly embracing their group’s new name, often adding it to tweets about their excitement to sign with the school and play together. All three players signed their letters-of-intent this morning.

“I always wanted to play with teammates,” said Crawley, who spurned offers from Auburn, Clemson, Georgia, Michigan State and Oklahoma, among others . “With us going to the same school, I got that chance do that.”

Before playing together this season, the trio had crossed paths when they were younger, playing basketball against each other. But as high schoolers, the three didn’t get a chance to unite forces on the football field until senior year when Walker transferred from Carroll over the summer. 

When Walker wanted to commit to Colorado over Kansas, Northwestern, Rutgers and Syracuse, he talked it over with his family and Wilson. Playing with him “was very important to me,” Walker said. 

But Wilson didn’t start the trend. When he committed to the Buffaloes in November, he cited current Colorado freshman Sherrard Harrington, a friend of Wilson’s and former H.D. Woodson player, as an influence. Among the current H.D. Woodson players was also a desire to get away from Washington, even though they admit it’ll be much different from home.

“It’s not like the city life,” Crawley said. “We’re going to experience some new things.”

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