While Good Counsel’s Andrew Calomeris hoped to be stating his case to earn a college basketball scholarship last spring, he was instead confined to the sidelines. First, the 6-foot-3 guard suffered a collapsed lung at practice that forced him to miss the high school postseason, and he later suffered a broken back on a fall to the court that kept him off the AAU circuit during the summer.

Indiana Coach Tom Crean is establishing a strong recruiting pipeline from the D.C. area. (Andy Colwell/AP)

Calomeris had been attracting interest from several low-major Division I schools, including Yale, Vermont and Stony Brook, before those injuries dropped his recruiting stock and was beginning to look into his Division III options.

Now a senior, his luck changed when Indiana University assistant Kenny Johnson stepped in during the fall with an offer to join the Hoosiers as a preferred walk-on. Johnson, a former coach locally with Paul VI and Team Takeover, became familiar with Calomeris through his AAU ties.

Calomeris holds a 4.1 grade point average, according to Good Counsel Coach Blair Mills, and he said he plans to work toward a dual degree in business and law. The guard has averaged 11.9 points per game for the Falcons (7-13, 2-8 WCAC) this season.

Calomeris chatted with Recruiting Insider about the opportunity to walk on at Indiana after scoring seven points in Tuesday night’s 83-65 loss to No. 2 O’Connell:

Recruiting Insider: How did the invitation to walk on at Indiana come about?

Andrew Calomeris: I’d known Kenny [Johnson] because he coached at Paul VI, and he was kind of recruiting me then [to play at the Fairfax private school]. Things didn’t pan out and I ended up at [St.John’s for a year before transferring to Good Counsel.]

I guess my dad kind of stayed in touch with him. [Johnson] was at Towson before and while he was at Towson, he happened to see one of my better games against Paul VI. I think that left kind of a good mark on him.

[Johnson] went up to Indiana, and I guess he and my dad were still in touch. He heard that because of my injuries I wasn’t able to play during the summer and get any offers because of that. He offered me the chance to walk on, and I was very happy to take it.

RI: Have you had the chance to visit?

AC: I have. I went out there during the fall, and I loved the visit. Besides the basketball and the gym and seeing what a practice is like, I really liked the campus. I could definitely see myself going there, and I think that’s what kind of settled it for me. I really liked it out there.

RI: How long did it take you to accept the invitation to walk on?

AC: I made the decision after [the visit]. I pretty much wanted to go there even before I went up and visited because it’s Indiana. That’s amazing, especially going from having [no offers] to having that. After I saw the campus, I said, ‘Yeah, this is the place I want to go.’

RI: Will you try to get to a game at Assembly Hall this year?

AC: I was supposed to call them up and schedule something, but I haven’t had the chance with a lot of basketball and high school going on. Hopefully, before their season ends I can see a game.

RI: What will the challenges be as a walk on? That can be a pretty thankless job.

AC: Obviously, I’m going to adapt to a different speed at that level. They have some great players. I’m going to have to fight my way up from the bottom to the top since I’m a walk on. I’ve got to prove myself every day.

RI: How do you think playing four years in the WCAC will help?

AC: I think that helps a lot. I was going against strong players who have gone to the D-I level a little more than the public school league around here. Obviously, playing against better players helps you get better, and I think that will help me at least somewhat when I go up there.

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