Steve Spurrier Jr. was at Damascus High on Thursday morning, but highly-regarded junior Zach Bradshaw was not the only player he discussed with Coach Eric Wallich.

Bradshaw, a wide receiver-linebacker whose stock continues to rise, holds a dozen scholarship offers, including one from the Gamecocks. He attended South Carolina’s game against Clemson and is believed to be very interested in the Gamecocks.

Now, Bradshaw’s teammate Jalen Christian, a 5-foot-9, 160-pound freshman wide receiver and cornerback, also now has a scholarship offer from South Carolina.

“I was very excited and very grateful South Carolina gave me a scholarship,” Christian said. “I was thinking a little about college, but not really [much] though. Since I’m only a freshman, I have three more years after this. I wasn’t really thinking about it.

“I’m the type of guy grades come first and after that it’s my social life. I’m very social. People like me. I’ll also be your biggest competitor. I’ll make you work.”

Like Bradshaw, teams are interested in Christian right now because of his athletic ability and potential. They will worry later on about finding a specific position for him.

“He’s pretty dangerous with the ball in his hands, that’s what South Carolina said,” Damascus assistant coach Gregg Frazier said. “Boston College and N.C. State told me they were going to offer him, they said he’s a no-brainer offer. But they didn’t say, ‘Oh, we’re going to offer you.’

“He’s the best ninth-grader I’ve ever seen. I think he’s on that [Stefon] Diggs’ level. I remember seeing Diggs play as a ninth-grader.”

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