Fairfax junior guard Kylie Murphree has shifted into a Kobe Bryant role of scorer and offensive facilitator. She has been charged with getting her teammates more involved in the offense while at the same time leading the Rebels in scoring.

That’s not only what Fairfax needs, Rebels Coach Marcus Konde said, it also could even further enhance Murphree’s college stature. She already has offers from William & Mary, Richmond, American, Navy, St. Joseph’s, Drexel, Delaware and Northeastern.

“Most of the schools are looking for a point guard, so she’s got to keep the whole team involved,” said Konte, who has coached Murphree since seventh grade. “I try to [get] her to recognize that when you make it to college, all those kids are scorers. It’s what things you do best that makes you such a huge asset and commodity to all the schools.

“At Fairfax, we need a little Kobe out of you from time to time,” he added with a laugh. “She’s working on a combination of being the point guard that’s needed and also being that superstar go-to player at the same point. It’s really exciting to see her grow.”

The 5-foot-10 Murphree scored 11 points Tuesday night in a 50-38 loss at South Lakes. She gave the Rebels their only lead when she converted on a three-point play midway through the third quarter. Fairfax trailed by 13 at the half but rallied to take a lead that lasted about 25 seconds.

Murphree scored a season-high 28 points in the Rebels’ previous game against South Lakes, a 49-45 win that marked the only Virginia AAA Liberty District loss for the Seahawks this season.

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