Before continuing on with his recent midwestern college tour, Gonzaga junior cornerback Devin Butler purchased a Notre Dame t-shirt and hat.

But don’t read too much into that decision – it’s not as though Butler knew right then and there that South Bend, Ind., would be his college destination. He also bought Michigan and Wisconsin gear after visiting those schools.

Alas, unless he can find a friend in need of something in blue and maize or Badger-red, those clothes “now are going to sit there and collect dust,” Butler said Wednesday morning after announcing had committed to play for Notre Dame.

“It’s a great place to be – the tradition there, it’s just amazing,” Butler said. “I’d heard so many stories about it from alumni and classmates. But you never know until you see it yourself.”

Butler said that Michigan, Wisconsin and Penn State were his other top choices.

Watch an interview with Butler below: