H.D. Woodson All-Met Kenny Crawley (Mark Gail/THE WASHINGTON POST)

Once Johnson, who handles the recruitment of H.D. Woodson players, told Tennessee of Crawley’s plans, an assistant coach was in Washington the next day to make a final appeal. But, according to Johnson, Crawley felt he had committed too early in August and wasn’t pleased with what he had read about Tennessee Coach Derek Dooley initially refusing the release of a current Tennessee player seeking a transfer to be near his ailing father in Michigan.

“[Crawley] seen the writing on the wall,” Johnson said.

Crawley had started to consider other options late last year when he accompanied teammate De’Jon Wilson, a 2010 All-Met defensive end, on his official visit to Colorado in early December. Wilson, who originally chose Kansas, committed to Colorado.

Crawley, a shutdown corner who notched 43 tackles and five interceptions last season, will take an official visit to Kansas next week with teammate John Walker, a senior defensive back, Johnson said.

Crawley is also considering Auburn, Georgia, Maryland and Connecticut. He is also going to re-consider Michigan, Johnson said. His remaining official visits will likely be to three of those five schools.

“We’re sitting down and considering [official visits] today,” Johnson said. “I think Georgia is playing a key role in there. Colorado is real high on his list. He liked the school and liked what they got.”

Maryland has re-entered Crawley’s options with the recent hiring of Mike Locksley, a Ballou graduate with strong ties to area high school coaches, as offensive coordinator.

“It’s really important,” Johnson said of Locksley’s impact. “He got a relationship with these guys, he’s truthful and he’s straight up. He knows his business with his players and the kids like him.”

Johnson also said that Walker will take an official visit to Colorado on Jan. 20, and will field in-home visits from Kansas, Rutgers and Syracuse.