View Photo Gallery: A recent rash of anterior cruciate ligament tears raises questions about whether enough is being done to prevent such injuries

I wrote a story in today’s paper about the number of anterior cruciate ligament injuries sustained by area girls’ basketball players and how more can be done to prevent them. It focuses in part on the Madison duo of Kelly Koshuta and Megan Henshaw. Koshuta and Henshaw have bonded during their recoveries by stretching together; they even used the same surgeon.

Both might be cleared to return to full action next month around district tournament time. When interviewed for the story, however, neither could say for sure if she would try to come back so late in the season.

The 6-foot-2 Koshuta, Madison’s leading scorer last season as a freshman at 19.5 points per game, has an upcoming AAU season that will be important to her recruiting, and two more years of high school ball.

Henshaw plans to play next season at Mary Washington University in Fredericksburg, so she wants to make sure she doesn’t do anything to set herself back. But she would really like to take the floor at least once for Madison this season just so she can play one last time with senior Megan LeDuc, her friend since preschool and a Cornell recruit.

During their recoveries, both Koshuta and Henshaw have continued to attend Madison practices, serving as hobbled reminders for their teammates of how females are at a greater risk of ACL injuries.

“They can see what we’re going through,” Koshuta said recently before boarding the bus to watch another of the Warhawks’ games from the bench. “Hopefully they know how [fortunate] they are to be playing.”

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