We’re launching a new series this summer, Summer Postcards, in which local athletes share in their own words the exciting things they are doing this summer.

Woodgrove soccer standout Brittany Basinger chimes in first. She filled The Post’s Eric Detweiler in on what it’s like to spend a week at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif. with the U.S. under-17 national team. She spent plenty of time playing soccer and eating healthy:

It’s a whole cafeteria with a lot of different options. You can have as much salad as you want, and there’s a buffet with chicken and salmon. Usually, I’ll go for a salad and some salmon. ... Sometimes they’ll have frozen yogurt. If they do, it’s because it’s a party or some celebration, but other than that there’s not much [for dessert].

Check out the full account here.

Do you know of an athlete who is doing something interesting this summer and should be included in the series? Contact us at hss@washpost.com.