Former Good Counsel standout Zach Dancel is transferring from New Mexico to Maryland. (Toni L. Sandys/WASHINGTON POST)

That’s what Dancel said, though he declined to name names.

“Of course there are a couple guys at New Mexico who are interested, who have their release,” said Dancel, who started the final seven games this past season as a freshman. “I’m sure they’re considering it. A lot of guys are good players and they’re going to have other options. … And high school guys around here, being a former player, I know a lot of the seniors who are looking around. I’ve been in contact with a couple of them about Maryland. Locks is going to get players in there and Maryland is going to be up and coming and could potentially be a good team in the next year or two.”

Former Rockville All-Met running back Crusoe Gongbay and former Northwestern wide receiver Daniel Adams could be among the candidates to transfer back to Maryland. Both players are freshman who would have to sit out one season but have three seasons of eligibility remaining.

Dancel said that while it was a turbulent season and beginning to the offseason at Maryland, with many players transferring, he had no concerns about the situation in College Park. He said he was considering Maryland and Virginia at first, but adding Locksley to the mix at Maryland made it an easy decision.

Adding Locksley “changes things a little bit, but I went up to Maryland and had a sit-down meeting with [Coach Randy] Edsall for a few hours,” Dancel said. “From everything I talked to him about, he seemed like a good coach. He seemed like he knew what he was talking about. You need some type of order.”

Dancel will return to Albuquerque later this month to finish his freshman year before enrolling at Maryland in the summer. He will sit out the 2012 season to satisfy NCAA rules regarding transfers and will have three seasons of eligibility beginning in 2013.