Kate and Wills at Buckingham Palace the day following their wedding. (John Stillwell/ AP)

• Nothing like some birther humor at the end of a long week! In just over two days, President Obama’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner speech broke the record to become C-SPAN’s most popular YouTube video ever, passing the 6 million views mark midday Tuesday. The cable channel’s version of Seth Meyers’ WHCD standup routine is now its 7th most popular, with 1.5 million views. A milder viral success: A 16-second clip of Fox 5 anchor Will Thomas mistakenly announcing at the end of POTUS’s speech Sunday night that “President Obama is in fact dead,” before correcting himself (“I’m sorry — Osama bin Laden”). More than 700K views as of Monday night.

• Royal wedding: Officially over now. The new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge — aka Wills & Kate — took a long weekend break somewhere in Britain but headed back to his military base in Wales Tuesday. They’re waiting to take an overseas honeymoon later.