Tareq Salahi testifying before the House Homeland Security Committee in 2010. (Larry Downing / Reuters)

Be warned, gentlemen of the Commonwealth: It’s no easy thing in Virginia to sue a rock star for stealing your wife. A Warren County judge on Monday dismissed Tareq Salahi’s $50 million lawsuit against Journey guitarist Neal Schon, who he claimed hurt him financially and emotionally by taking up with his wife, former reality star/White House non-guest Michaele Salahi.

It was the second go-round for Salahi, after recrafting an earlier complaint dismissed in April. No better luck this time: Judge Dennis L. Hupp mused in court that the issues raised would be a better fit for their divorce trial, reports Northern Virginia Daily.

Schon’s lawyer, Stephen Cobb, called the decision “a victory for common sense.” Salahi put a bright spin on his loss, touting his plans to take it to the Virginia Supreme Court. We’ll let you know if anything comes of that.

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