Dikembe Mutombo, the retired NBA star and philanthropist, with young greeters at the Points of Light benefit dinner. (Dave Scavone for Allison O’Brien Photography)

After two weeks of partisan swagger in Tampa and Charlotte, Washington harked back two decades Friday to the kinder, gentler vibe of George H. W. Bush.

“We’re all fans and supporters of 41. . . and 43,” 41’s former vice president, Dan Quayle, told us at the Points of Light benefit dinner. “But this is more of a 41 crowd. It feels like a family reunion — bi-partisan family reunion.”

More than 250 guests (mostly Republican but with reps from both sides of the aisle, including Sam Nunn, Boyden Gray, Esther Coopersmith, George Pataki, Kristi Yamaguchi and Dikembe Mutombo) packed into an elegant tent at the Japanese embassy for the organization’s inaugural fundraising dinner.

Dan Quayle, Japanese Ambassador Ichiro Fujisaki and Neil Bush. (Dave Scavone )

Deborah Roberts and Al Roker emcee the Points of Light ben (Dave Scavone)

Because Yamaguchi starred in an ad extolling Mitt Romney’s work on the Salt Lake City Olympics, we figured she’d have something a little partisan to add.

“I don’t talk about my politics,” the skating gold-medalist told us. Really? So. . . we can’t assume anything from the ad?

“Probably not.” Okay, then!

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