Al Gore has been seriously dating Elizabeth Keadle, right, of California. (Joe Kohen/Getty; Jon Clark/Rancho Santa Fe Review)

It’s never easy to re-enter the dating pool after years away — probably especially so if you’re one of the most famous men in the world.

But things seem to have worked out for Al Gore. The Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former VP has a serious girlfriend, we’ve learned.

Her name is Elizabeth Keadle — better known as Liz — a well-heeled Democratic donor from Southern California in her 50s with a background in science and a devotion to environmental causes.

The relationship is solid enough that she accompanied Gore, 64, and an eclectic group of experts and VIPs (Richard Branson, singer Jason Mraz, actor Tommy Lee Jones) on a trip to Antarctica in January to raise awareness of climate change.

Gore’s office declined to comment on the relationship, as did Keadle.

Al and Tipper Gore in 2000. (Rich Lipski/The Washington Post)

It’s been nearly two years since Al and Tipper Gore shocked the public — and many of their own friends — with the announcement that they had separated after 40 years of marriage, “a mutual and mutually supportive decision that we have made together following a process of long and careful consideration,” they said at the time. Sources close to the couple have since said that they simply grew apart after his bitter 2000 presidential loss, as he became a globe-trotting environmental activist and she focused on her energies on mental-health advocacy and a sideline in photography. The parents of four grown children, the Gores remain married and have not taken steps to divorce.

Unclear when he and Keadle began dating. Although sources close to Gore say she was not a factor in his split from Tipper, it appears they’ve moved in the same circles for years. Keadle and her ex-husband, biotech entrepreneur Lyle Turner, were both generous donors to Democrats; in the early part of the past decade, she gave at least $100K to a DNC building fund; in 2002, she was named to a committee that helped select the site of the ’04 Democratic National Convention.

In 2004, according to a report in the Hollywood Reporter, Turner and Keadle were among several early investors that helped Gore purchase the cable channel that became his Current TV.

After her marriage to Turner ended, Keadle was in a relationship with Nick Leibham, a young San Diego lawyer who in 2008 sought to unseat longtime Rep. Brian Bilbray (R-Calif.). Leibham lost, but his strong upstart campaign was boosted with an appearance by none other than Al Gore at one of his fundraisers. (Leibham declined to comment.) That same year, Keadle was one of California’s electors in the electoral college.

As much as politics, though, Keadle appears to be devoted to conservation. A longtime resident of Rancho Santa Fe — a San Diego suburb that is among the most affluent communities in the country — she has given generously over the years to environmental programs and oceanography studies at the University of California at San Diego and helped raise money for other Earth-friendly groups. She’s also said to be an avid horsewoman.

And by all accounts, fairly quiet. No Facebook or Twitter that you’ll find, few appearances in the gossip columns or society pages. Independently wealthy, discreet, age-appropriate. All good things, if you’re one of the most famous men in the world.

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