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For starters, he stepped up this spring as one of the capital’s great wits, with a knock-out comedic routine at the Congerssional Correspondents’ dinner. He gave John Boehner hell for pronouncing his name bainer (“What am I, Anthony Wainer? I’m serious, brother, just embrace it!” ), and claimed Rahm Emanuel as a personal inspiration. (“Who knew that all it took to be a mayor of a big city is to be a hot-tempered, arrogant, loud Jew with nine-and-a-half fingers? In other news, I’ve taken a job at Arby’s as the meat cutter.”) Oh, just go watch it.

Weiner was a bachelor-about-town for many years — catching some teasing for sponsoring a bill to help foreign supermodels to come to these shores — before he started dating one of the city’s great beauties: Huma Abedin, aide-de-camp to Hillary Clinton and herself the subject of a 2007 Vogue photo spread. They got engaged in May 2009, and married last July, with none other than Bill Clinton as their officiant. (The Clintons also threw them a very splashy engagement party.)

Last week we used Weinergate as a cautionary tale for how VIPs should approach Twitter. Weiner hasn’t resigned (yet) so we don’t know how this calculates into our formula of surviving political sex scandals.

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