Huma Abedin with her husband Rep. Anthony Weiner at his ceremonial swearing-in in January. (Charles Dharapak/AP)

(updated 9:30 p.m.)

The power-coupling of Rep. Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin was already the most-watched marriage in Washington this week, even before the latest news in their drama broke Wednesday evening:

She’s pregnant.

The Hillary Clinton aide, married just less than a year to the once-rising political star who’s struggling to survive a Twitter-sex scandal, is still in the early stages of pregnancy, reported the New York Times, cautiously citing “three people with knowledge of the situation.” A State Department rep declined comment on the report.

The revelation added yet another complex layer for those trying to parse the peculiar “Weinergate” saga. Three things you wonder in such a situation:

Why’d he do it?

Will he survive politically?

And will she stay?

On Monday, when the New York congressman tearfully acknowledged sending a lewd tweet and carrying on sexy social-media flirtations with other women, Abedin was conspicuously absent from his news conference.

That stood in contrast to the standard contrition ritual. (Think of all those miserable wives standing by their disgraced husbands on the podium). But Weiner emphasized again and again that their marriage was intact.

“We have no intention of splitting up over this,” he said. “We have been through a great deal together, and we will weather this.”

He maintained that his online friendships had been online only — and that he had previously confessed these habits to his wife. . . though she had not known until that very day that the Twitter crotch shot that triggered the whole scandal was indeed his doing, and not that of a hacker.

The next day, she departed on a trip to Africa with Secretary of State Clinton. A friend told The Post this week: “Obviously, they have work to do, but she’s committed.”

Abedin, 35, and Weiner, 46, wed last July — after two years of dating — in an elegant ceremony on Long Island’s North Shore.

The officiant, former president Bill Clinton, toasted them at an earlier party with some poetic notions of the family he imagined for them: a Muslim woman from Saudi Arabia and a Jewish native of Brooklyn — “the future of the world to be,” he said.

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