Ashley Judd with Mark Ein, at a dinner in Washington on Sunday. (Roxanne Roberts/The Washington Post)

Ashley Judd mingled with A-list Washington society Sunday, basking in the buzz of a who-knows-possibly-maybe-longshot-keep-them-guessing Democratic run for Senate in Kentucky. First up, a dinner at the home of Atlantic owner David Bradley; next, the late-night party hosted by Buffy Cafritz, Roger and Vicki Sant, and Vernon and Ann Jordan, where the actress, 43, hobnobbed with the likes of Alan Greenspan, V alerie Jarrett, Vicki Kennedy, and Rahm Emanuel. In a short, skin-tight black bandage dress, an orchid tucked behind an ear, she won over at least one new supporter: “I’d vote for her,” sayd Bynum Hunter, 29, a Harvard MBA student, “and I don’t care what party!”

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