Former U.S. Treasurer Angela "Bay" Buchanan’s next chapter — real estate. (Bay Buchanan)

The typical pundit career change: Running for office, latching onto a new pol, milking the speaking circuit.

Bay Buchanan is moving into real estate.

The conservative commentator — former U.S. Treasurer, manager of big brother Pat Buchanan’s three presidential campaigns and regular on Fox — has signed on to sell houses for McEnearney Associates in McLean.

“I wanted to do something different,” she told us. “My full-time job is a real estate agent.”

Buchanan took Mitt Romney’s loss hard and said she’s sick of negative politics. She took a real estate course after the election and got her Virginia license last week.

“I’m really excited about it,” said the home-improvement fanatic. “I love fixing up houses. I love tearing down walls.” A Washington native, she wants to get licenses for D.C. and Maryland, too.

No experience? No problem.

“She knows a lot of people in the greater metropolitan area,” said new boss, McEnearney’s Paul DiCicco. “She’s got what we call a ‘tremendous sphere of influence.’ ”

Real estate appears to be the new glamour gig: Elizabeth Kucinich joined a D.C. real estate firm in December , but is keeping her public affairs job. Buchanan told us she’s giving up politics entirely. . . for now: “I’m taking at least six months off.”

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