Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield treated Occupy D.C. protesters to free ice cream at McPherson Square on Tuesday. (Paul J. Richards/ Getty Images )

Offering up Cherry Garcia and several other flavors of belly-boosting ice cream, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield said they plan to visit several camps affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement to show their support.

“I think it’s a movement working for economic equality and thwarting the increasing corporate powers in our country,” said Greenfield, who has already visited the occupations in New York and Seattle.

Long known for their support of progressive causes, Greenfield and Cohen are no strangers to commune-like gatherings for the left. With it’s green space, impromptu yoga classes, makeshift library and a growing art collection, Greenfield and Cohen declared McPherson Square “a great scene” as they conversed with protesters

“It’s very mellow, very friendly and very appreciative,” Greenfield said.