Brian Stokes Mitchell and Beth Dozoretz at her 60th birthday party Saturday at Arena Stage. (Tony Powell)

Some women turning 60 slink off to a spa. Others mark the milestone birthday with a killer shopping spree. Beth Dozoretz celebrated with a Broadway heartthrob.

The longtime Democratic fundraiser, now director of the State Department’s Art in Embassies program, hosted a little bash at Arena Stage on Saturday for 150 of her gal pals. “I thought about doing nothing for a long time,” she told us. “But when you get over a certain age, you realize that the most important thing in the world — right after your family — are your girlfriends. And I wanted to be embraced by my girlfriends.”

The party included a sweet tribute by her husband, Ron; poetry; dance; and a surprise appearance by the Tony-winning actor Brian Stokes Mitchell, who opened with “Dulcinea” from “Man of La Mancha” (substituting “Beth Do-zor-etz” for “Dulcinea” in the lyrics) and went on to give a 30-minute concert. Afterward, the teary birthday girl took the stage and told her guests: “The real reason I wanted Stokes here, aside from the fact that he is my friend, is that I knew he would make you swoon.” Well, that and champagne before noon.