Karyn and Bill Frist at a White House dinner in 2006. (Rich Lipski/TWP)

You think the “fiscal cliff” negotiations are complicated? Ha! Try divorce agreements.

Former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist and his wife, Karyn, finalized their divorce in Tennessee last week. Their settlement provides a rare inside look at the lifestyles of the rich and political — and serves as a timely reminder that the millionaires in Congress (67 in the Senate, 183 in the House, according to the Center for Responsive Politics) live much differently than the average taxpayer.

According to papers filed in Davidson County Circuit Court on Dec. 5, the Frists divided a considerable fortune — his share of his family’s private health care empire and the joint assets acquired during their 31-year marriage. No easy feat, according to the 30-page agreement, because there was a lot to divvy up:

• Their $8 million mansion in Nashville? It’s now owned primarily by three trusts in their grown sons’s names. Karyn gets to stay as long as she wants, though “Husband has a strong interest in living in the marital home if wife should cease to occupy it,” and gets first dibs on moving back in, the filing states. She gets the master bed, a Biedermeir desk, four marble statues, four urns, two frog fountains, a porcelain cow’s head and the garden gates, among other things. His haul includes the Nissan car charger, his old Senate desk and chair, a tool box, his hunting books, a shotgun and a mounted buffalo head — but he’s got 60 days to get it out of the house!

• Vehicles? He gets the 2011 Nissan (makes sense); she gets the 2013 Audi and a 2000 Chevy Tahoe.

• Vacation homes? Bill keeps the condo in Fort Lauderdale, but she’s taking four shell paintings that hung there, some French pressed flowers and the condo’s guestbook. (Sentimental value?) He’s also keeping their Nantucket place — though she can use it for 25 percent of the summer months, if scheduled four months in advance. And she’s laying claim to a few things from the house: a painting of a boat, her Limoges boxes, the “Reagan monogrammed red jewelry box” and, for some reason, the bathroom door.

Back when:The Frists on Election night 1994 when he won his first term to the U.S. Senate (Troy Glasgow/AP Photo)

• Money? Karyn gets a lump sum of $2,094,086, but no alimony. He keeps 24 investment accounts and trust funds; she gets to keep five more, and they will split seven others. (Worth how much? The court redacted the numbers, sadly.)

• The Hereafter? Karyn retains her right to be buried in the Frist Family Burial Estate in Nashville. Hey, if that’s what she wants.

“Karyn Frist and Bill Frist confirm that their divorce is now final,” family spokesperson Beth Seigenthaler Courtney told us Thursday. “As they move forward with their respective lives, they would appreciate privacy. There will be no comment about this matter.”

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