Lady Westmacott with Gail and Togo West at British Embassy's garden party for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Monday on Monday. (Courtesy of the British Embassy)

Who made the list for the British Embassy’s celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee? Americans. We spotted a handful of British ex-pats Monday night, but most of the 500 guests (Sandra Day O’Connor, John Warner, Capricia Marshall, Adrian Fenty, Susan Eisenhower, Chris Wallace) invited by Ambassador Peter Westmacott were local. As the royal festivities aired on giant screens, guests at the garden party wolfed down gin and tonics, English cheeses, strawberries and cream, and a champagne toast to Her Majesty. Why so few Brits and so many Yanks? The embassy’s job is to build relationships with the host country, press secretary James Barbour told us: “Every American who comes through the Embassy gates is another potential friend for the UK.”