Cat Ommanney wearing her 2008 wedding dress. (Courtesy of Michael Woestehoff)

Cat Ommanney, whose marriage to photographer Charles Ommanney unraveled before the cameras on “The Real Housewives of D.C.,” is auctioning her wedding dress for charity.

“I was persuaded into buying the ‘candy fairy dress’ after a rather long, boozy lunch on a weekend trip to Miami,” the former reality star wrote on The Web site’s gimmick is to allow the broken-hearted to share their tales of woe and sell off reminders of their exes: Engagement rings, wedding gowns and other symbols of love gone wrong.

Ommanney’s lace-and-ribbon confection with a revealing front and short skirt (more honeymoon night than trip to the altar) was selected by Charles, she said, shortly before they wed in 2008.

Never liked it anyway, huh? “ I liked it after a couple glasses of wine,” she told us Thursday from London. “All my girlfriends were like, ‘What the hell were you thinking?’ ”

Ommanney said she picked the Washington Humane Society as beneficiary, since it found a new home for two beloved black labs she had to give away. The dress originally sold for $1,800; bidding started last week at $1,000 and ends July 1.

How does her ex feel about it? No clue — she hasn’t talked to him for years.

Though the D.C. “Housewives” was canceled after a single season, Ommanney, currently living in Spain, hasn’t given up on reality TV: She’s working on two TV shows, she said, and a sequel to her self-published memoir, “Inbox Full.”

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