An occasional look at the showbiz folks trying their hand at the lobbying thing. Monday’s visitor: Angela Kinsey

Angela Kinsey and Barton Seaver at the U.S. Capitol on Monday. (Oceana/Vincent Ricardel )

Cause: Combating “seafood fraud.”

Bona fides: Concerned mom and beach-goer; plays a grim-faced accountant/cat lady on “The Office.”

Backup: Chef-activist Barton Seaver, Gulf Coast fisherman Donald Waters, officials from the conservation group Oceana.

What she wants: Better labeling, more inspections and enforcement to prevent sellers from passing off cheap fish as premium species or sneaking endangered and restricted seafood into U.S. markets.

What she wore: Summery green dress, open-toed shoes.

How she sounded: Much warmer, more personable than her TV persona, reports our colleague Aaron Leitko. Generous with the small talk, despite first-time celebvocate jitters.

On elected office: “I think it’s a noble act. I just get to pretend to be a b---- in accounting and if I say something that’s totally off, maybe TMZ will run it, a few people will laugh. But when you’re a politician you have that responsibility to govern.”