Barbara P. Bush at the Newseum on Monday. (Kris Connor/Getty Images)

Everyday, selfless scions beat a path to Washington’s underheated conference rooms, where they champion their favorite causes: Monday’s do-gooder: Barbara Bush

Venue: The Newseum.

Event: Press conference to promote “The Power of 1%,” a push to sell tightwad taxpayers on the virtues of giving one percent of the U.S. federal budget in foreign aid.

Bona fides: Jenna’s twin; daughter of former president George W. Bush; CEO and founder of Global Health Corps.

Backup: Singer/actress Mandy Moore, USAID chief economist Steve Radelet, USAID deputy administrator Donald Steinberg.

What she wants: To keep dollars flowing toward health initiatives in developing nations.

How she looked: Bookishly charming — green dress, black cardigan, a couple of hippy-dippy-looking bracelets.

Wonky Soundbite: “The fastest growing markets for American goods are in the developing word,” said Bush, reading from a prepared statement. “As people’s incomes there rise, they will expand the American export market correspondingly.”