Djimon Hounsou speaks during the Oxfam America news conference on Wednesday. (Kris Connor/Wire Image)

Another week, another Hollywood expert to bolster the profile of policy wonks. Wednesday’s VIP foot soldier: Djimon Hounsou

Venue: A buffet lunch for NGO-types at the Newseum.

Cause: GROW, a new campaign to reform the global cultivation and distribution of food.

Bona Fides: Benin-born model, actor (“Amistad,” “In America,” “Blood Diamond”), eye-candy in Paula Abdul’s music video “Straight Up” and Calvin Klein underwear ads, Kimora Lee Simmons’ baby daddy, and global ambassador for Oxfam, an international confederation of relief agencies.

What he wants: To end the emerging food crisis by investing in small farmers, modernizing food-aid and ending corn-ethanol subsidies.

How he looked: Ageless in a dark suit, blue tie. Without that silver goatee, you’d never guess that he’s 47, reports our colleague Aaron Leitko.

How he sounded: Deep, commanding, ready to inherit those “voice-of-God” roles when Morgan Freeman retires.

His role: To attract the true-believer lunch crowd. Hounsou spent less than three minutes on stage before charity officials took over the mike.

Soundbite: “I have lived with hunger and I have experienced charity. I have witnessed the power of what one can make in the world in order to make a difference.”