LeBron James at the National Press Club on Wednesday. (Luis Alvarez/Associated Press)

An occasional look at the celebrity crusaders bringing their causes to D.C. Wednesday’s celebrity do-gooder: LeBron James

Venue: The National Press Club

Cause: The Boys & Girls Club of America

Bona Fides: NBA All-Star, now with the Miami Heat. Longtime booster for the club.

Backup: A formidable lineup. Denzel Washington, Ron Howard, Ashanti all on hand to promote the debut of a Howard-directed promo spot.

What he wants: To convince underprivileged teens to stay in school.

How he looked: Gray suit, black tie, comfortable in his skin, reports our colleague Aaron Leitko. When introduced to speak, he stretched his shoulders, danced around a bit, as if to psych himself up for the podium.

Soundbite: While winding up his speech with a slam-dunk tearjerker about paying-it-forward, a cell phone went off in the room. James got the rebound, though: “It means everything to give back to kids. As adults, we’ve got to make sure that we never close the door on their dream, and. . . and never let their phone ring.”