Linda Gray and Linda Evans at the Cannon House Office Building on Tuesday. (Kris Connor/Getty Images)

An occasional look at the showbiz professionals who grace our nation’s capital in support of a cause. Tuesday’s visitors: Linda Gray and Linda Evans.

Cause: A Meals on Wheels press conference highlighting hunger among senior citizens.

Site: Cannon House Office Building.

Bona fides: Helped define the 1980s as long-reigning prime-time soap divas — Gray was Sue Ellen on “Dallas,” Evans was Krystle on “Dynasty.”

Backup: Meals on Wheels execs; Reps. Jo Ann Emerson, Rosa DeLauro, Charlie Gonzalez.

What they want: To encourage funding and volunteers to assist senior nutrition programs.

How they looked: Expensively glamorous. Gray in a peachy-beige pantsuit, Evans in black pants and a silver double-breasted blazer with a hint of old-school shoulder padding.

How they sounded: Still breathy-husky-sexy, just like on TV — but also very earnest, eager to help. Gray, 71, described inspecting Meals on Wheels’s operations in Richmond; she wants the group to add weekend deliveries; Evans, 69, recalled how her parents always fed sick and homeless neighbors: “This is in my family.”