Noah Wyle gets hauled off by cops in this photo provided by the advocacy group he protested with on Capitol Hill Monday. (ADAPT via AP)

An occasional look at the showbiz folks who come to Washington with a cause. Monday’s visitor: Noah Wyle.

Venue: Cannon House Office Building

Cause: Disability rights

Bona fides: Not a doctor, but he played one on TV, in 11 seasons of “ER.” Now fights aliens on “Falling Skies.”

Backup: Fellow members of ADAPT, a group that supports policies enabling people with disabilities to get care in their own homes.

What he wants: To prevent Medicaid cuts that ADAPT claims would force more sick and elderly into nursing homes.

What he did: Got arrested! Just like his old co-star George Clooney at the embassy of Sudan last month, Wyle did the civil-disobedience thing. About 100 ADAPT supporters, some in wheelchairs, were cuffed when they chanted and unfurled banners in the building’s rotunda and then refused to stop their protest when asked, a rep for the group told us.

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