Shawn Johnson posing with students at King Greenleaf Recreation Center on Wednesday. (David Hunsinger/Reflections Photography)

An occasional look at the celebrities trying their hand at the lobbying thing. Wednesday’s visitor: Shawn Johnson

Venue: King Greenleaf Recreation Center in SW.

Cause: Promoting healthy lifestyles for kids; getting kids pumped for the London Summer Olympics.

Bona Fides: 2008 Olympic gold and silver medal-winning gymnast, season eight “Dancing With the Stars” victor.

Wingmen: Retired gymnast Jair Lynch, Georgetown University basketball coach John Thompson III.

What she wants: Kids to get off the couch and get some exercise.

What she wore: Black workout clothes, red windbreaker.

How she sounded: Perky, but a little intimidated by the sea of squirming pre-teens. “If you guys just take the stairs instead of the escalator — little things — you one day might be at the Olympics like everybody else,” she said during her one-minute blink-and-you’ll-miss-it speech.

On what’s up next: “Hopefully work,” said Johnson, 20, who announced her retirement from gymnastics last week and won’t compete in the upcoming Olympics. “I’ll be going to London with Coke and getting to cheer on the other athletes and getting to commentate some. . . getting to be on the other side of it for a change.”

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