Every day, a different showbiz luminary brings his cause to Washington. Monday’s visitor: Roger Daltrey.

Roger Daltrey at a National Press Club luncheon on Monday. (Courtesy of Teen Cancer America.)

Cause: Launch of new charity Teen Cancer America.

Bona fides: Lead singer of The Who, the 1960s bards of youthful alienation; longtime patron of the UK’s Teenage Cancer Trust.

Backup: The chair and medical officer for Teen Cancer America, plus his wingman of 50 years, guitarist Pete Townshend, with whom he’ll perform “Quadrophenia” at Verizon Center on Tuesday.

What he wants: For hospitals to develop units devoted to the specific needs of cancer patients ages 13-24.

How he looked: Like an Edwardian dandy on Casual Friday. Black velvet pinstriped frock coat, gray vest and tie, blue tinted wire rims.

Soundbite: “[Teenagers] don’t want teddybears. They should not feel like they’re being isolated . . . You should build a community within your hospital at the point of diagnosis.”

Off-topic question: How does he stay fit enough to play arenas at 68? “I suppose I’m genetically lucky. I see all these people running and jogging when they’re 40. It won’t save you.”

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