Cooley in January, at the end of his last season with the Redskins. (Matt McClain for The Washington Post)

The divorce, filed Aug. 29 in Loudoun County, has been in the works for months: The couple separated in January and, despite having no pre-nup, we’re told, have already hammered out a settlement deal.

“Both Christy and Chris worked hard to be reasonable with each other so they could settle this matter without litigation,” said her lawyer, Lindsay Hendrix. “They are both to be credited for reaching a resolution that permits their private lives to remain private.”

Private? Not the word you associate with the Redskins’own Barbie and Ken, a bubbly couple who shared (and overshared) their courtship and marriage. Chris was separated from his first wife in 2005 when he met the comely Redskins cheerleader, who was quickly fired from the squad for fraternizing with a player. She lost her $75-a-game job but gained a fiance, who signed a $30 million-deal with the Skins in 2007.

The uncensored Cooley loved to blog about his girlfriend’s hotness: “She walked into the house like she had climbed out of a poster in my high school bedroom.” But it also seemed like a true romance. Just before their May 2008 wedding, he told us, “She’s the most influential person in my life. We’re extremely good friends as well as in love.”

The couple made plenty of news: Her photo shoot for Maxim, the art gallery they opened together in Leesburg. Christy threw herself into life as an NFL wife: A regular at Redskins fan appreciation days and charity events like Tanya Snyder’s breast cancer luncheons, she modeled for the NFL’s women’s apparel campaign, and taped a “True Hollywood Story: Football Wives” for the E! network in 2009.

Their separation, however, was more quiet. Lawyers for both told us not to expect anything juicy in future court filings.

Christy, 27, has reverted to her maiden name and is working at her parent’s hair salon. Chris, 30, is waiting to see if he lands back with the Redskins or another NFL team.

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