Another huge year for gossip, another strong field for the annual Reliable Source Tournament. Breakout sensations Chris Lee and David Wu were unknowns last year; just when we thought she was gone, Michaele Salahi tried to crash rehab. Fading fast: Gilbert Arenas (who left D.C. and his beloved sharks behind) and the Obamas, so busy being presidential they barely moved the gossip seismometer. Who’s your Cinderella? Send your picks for the Gossip Final Four to or in the comments below.

(Need a refresher course on the competitors? Keep reading...)

Overexposed Conference

Lillian McEwen memoir

Bristol Palin memoir

Real Housewives of D.C.

Glenn Close Navy video

“O” by Anonymous

Helen Thomas comeback

Chris Lee on Craigslist

David Wu tiger suit

Hot Mess Conference

Too drunk for “Real World”

Too sober for “Celebrity Rehab”

Gilbert Arenas breakup

Charlie Sheen crackup

Vincent Gray hires

Kwame Brown SUVs

Dan Snyder lawsuit

John Galliano rant

Moving On Conference

Mayor Rahm Emanuel

MPAA’s Chris Dodd

Jenna to NYC

Ayla to Nashville

Valerie Plame’s novels

Political movie cameos

Michael Steele

Clinton Portis

Hot Ticket Conference

Royal wedding

White House Correspondents’ dinner

Congressmen sleeping in Capitol

Chelsea’s husband back in NYC

John Boehner tears

John Boehner tan

Male White House social secretary

First lady’s stylist